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Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Recruiting Study Participants

The Department of Rehabilitation is currently recruiting participants for various studies. Once a study has closed it will be removed from the list.

Physical therapy student learning: Volunteers needed

The Physical Therapy division is seeking volunteers with muscle, joint, or tendon pain at the arms or legs to participate in upcoming clinical education activities that are supervised by a licensed Physical Therapist. Location of PT sessions will be the UW Health Science Center – Montlake. Compensation is $20 for a 1.5 hour session. Please contact for more information or to volunteer.

Telehealth pain self-management for employed adults (E-TIPS)

The E-TIPS trial will evaluate an evidence-based, telehealth pain self-management intervention compared to standard care (a waitlist) for chronic pain in adults with physical disabilities — including multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and amputation/limb loss — who are employed. Participants from anywhere in the US will be randomized to either E-TIPS, a cognitive-behavioral pain self-management intervention delivered by telephone, or a waitlist control. Outcomes, including pain interference, will be assessed at baseline, mid-treatment, post-treatment and 6-month follow up. Participants receive $25 for each survey they complete plus an additional $25 bonus for completing all four surveys (up to $125 total). Individuals interesting in participating please contact 206.616.9801 or email

Individuals with a spinal cord injury (SCI) Who experience chronic pain

The Tele-Pop Study is recruiting participants with spinal cord injuries that experience chronic pain. The study that will explore the use of self-hypnosis plus cognitive therapy (HCT) and its impact to reduce chronic SCI-related pain. Half of the participants will receive up to six HCT treatment sessions via videoconferencing (sessions occur once per week). Participants need to be 18 years or older, have been diagnosed with and treated for a spinal cord injury and experience chronic pain related to their SCI. Participants will receive up to $60 compensation. Individuals interesting in participating please contact 206.221.5688 or email

Adults with a neurologic or muscular medical condition

The UW Research on Aging, Disability, and Resilience Lab (RADAR) is recruiting participants for their Community Health Study to investigate whether a health and wellness program, called EnhanceWellness, is helpful for adults who have some level of physical disability. Participants need to be 45-64 years of age, have been diagnosed with a neurologic or muscular medical condition that creates difficulties or challenges in daily living and experienced symptoms of this condition prior to age 40. Participation in the study would include either eight telemedicine visits with a wellness coach over six months or continuing with your normal care, as well as filling out four surveys over 12 months. Participants are eligible for financial compensation for surveys completed during the study. Interested individuals can contact the RADAR lab for more information at 1.866.928.2114 or by email at

Transgender individuals

The Supporting Participation Equity and Access in Communication (SPEAC) Lab is seeking people who are transgender to assist us with developing questionnaires for gender-affirming healthcare related to speech, voice and communication. This study welcomes people assigned male at birth or assigned female at birth. Participants will complete a set of surveys. This can be done online or we can mail the surveys to you. As thanks, participants who finish the study will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. If you or anyone you know are interested or would like more information, please email us at: We encourage people of diverse backgrounds to participate in this study.

Individuals experiencing chronic pain

The Back on Track to Healthy Living Study (BOT Study) is recruiting participants with chronic pain for a clinical trial examining how and why treatments such as cognitive therapy, mindfulness meditation and activation skills are effective for managing chronic pain. This is a 100% remote study that has no in-person visits — everything can be done either online or over the phone.

Participants who enroll and complete all baseline procedures will be randomized to receive eight group sessions (on average, two per week for four weeks) of either cognitive therapy, mindfulness meditation or activation skills for chronic pain management. Participants will also be asked to complete twice daily online surveys for 10 weeks, wear a wrist-based activity monitor for 10 weeks and complete assessments before and after the treatment period. Compensation of up to $350 may be provided for the completion of all research procedures. Learn more about participation requirements online or contact the study at 206.221.7224 or

Individuals with an unilateral below knee amputation that use a prosthetic foot

This research study seeks to understand how prosthetic foot design impacts walking during everyday activities. Individuals who have a unilateral below knee amputation, use a prosthetic foot and are able to walk more than 400 yards (4.5 city blocks) outdoors without a walking aid are eligible to participate. Minimum age 16 years; maximum weight 250 pounds.

Study activities include:

  • Basic demographic information collection.
  • Walking and balance tests at the UW lab with usual foot prosthesis first; then with the investigational prosthetic foot.
  • Use the investigational prosthetic foot for two to four weeks and complete a daily activity log.
  • Return to the UW to repeat walking and balance tests using the investigational foot, complete questionnaires, and answer interview questions about experiences when using the investigational foot. Then switch back to using usual foot.
  • After two to four weeks, return to UW, complete questionnaires and answer interview questions about your usual foot in comparison to the investigational foot.
  • Each study session takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Participants will receive up to $500 for participating in the entire study. Parking will be paid. Interested? Please contact: Monica Smersh, research coordinator:; 206.543.6995.

Individuals with multiple sclerosis

Researchers at the University of Washington Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation & Wellness Research Center are currently recruiting participants for the COMBO-MS clinical trial for people with multiple sclerosis and problematic fatigue. Learn more about the study, including participant eligibility.

Children with gross motor skills delay

The Division of Physical Therapy is recruiting children with gross motor delays ages 1-18 years and babies with or without delays birth to 1 year for their virtual student pediatric integrated clinical experience. Learn more about the study and sign up to participate.

Individuals with spinal cord injury

University of Washington researchers, including PI Jeanne Hoffman, PhD, professor of Psychology and Rehabilitation Medicine, and Amy Starosta, PhD, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, are conducting a study using a six-week online self-management program for individuals with spinal cord injuries. The purpose is to help improve the quality of life for spinal cord injury participants. Find more details on the recruitment posting.

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