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As our response to the COVID-19 pandemic must be our main priority at this time, we are postponing the D1 Go-Live date until March 27, 2021.

Our Clinical leadership teams have worked closely with D1 leadership and Epic Systems to evaluate the COVID-19 impact and determine options. The revised Go-Live date was developed based on the following considerations:

  • Our relentless focus on patient safety and the well-being of our clinicians and staff
  • Current projections for the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Washington and the impact on our healthcare system
  • The ability of hospital resources in certain areas to re-engage with the project
  • Time needed to successfully complete the remaining phases of the project including organizational readiness, technical dress rehearsal, cutover and Go-Live activation

The D1 project team will use this postponement to continue to execute on the remaining components and we will continue to train individuals already registered for classes. Training sessions that have been completed will not need to be repeated, however, we will offer additional opportunities for staff to remain proficient as we approach our new Go-Live.

Collaboration with operational and clinical partners for specific teams impacted by the surge will be minimized and occur only as they are available while engagement with other teams will continue. For the groups that are heavily engaged with COVID-19 activities, we are revising our engagement plan to ensure their participation at an appropriate time.

The hold on scheduling time off for UW Medicine and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance staff during the D1 Go-Live is lifted for January and February. We will work to get the new dates to you as soon as possible. The ORCA change freeze that began March 31, 2020 will continue. Any new Epic project requests will continue to undergo a risk analysis for impact to D1.

Thank you for your continued dedication to UW Medicine’s important work.

Lisa Brandenburg
President, UWM Hospitals & Clinics
UW Medicine

Timothy H. Dellit, MD
Chief Medical Officer, UW Medicine
President, UW Physicians

Eric Neil
Interim Chief Information Officer
UW Medicine