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Inpatient numbers chart for 7.21.20

King County: The county reported 180 new positive cases and 3 new deaths on July 20.

Washington: The state reported 48,575 cases and 1,465 deaths as of July 20. A total of 841,184 people have been tested and 5.8% of those tests have been positive.

United States: The CDC reports 3,761,362 cases and 140,157 deaths as of July 20.

Global: WHO reports 14,562,550 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 607,781 deaths as of July 21.

*Numbers update frequently, please follow links for most up-to-date numbers.

Research News

Seattle Times: Antibody study will gauge prevalence of COVID-19 in Washington state 

Featuring: Keith Jerome, Laboratory Medicine

“A new study by the state Department of Health and UW Medicine will test the blood of Washingtonians for antibodies to give a fuller picture of how prevalent COVID-19 is across the state. Data from the study could inform policymakers’ public health decisions as cases of COVID-19 mount.”


UW Medicine in the News

Puget Sound Business Journal: Seattle-area hospitals need more funding to weather the road to recovery 

Featuring: Paul Ramsey, CEO

“While hospitals in Washington state are generally doing ‘OK,’ they are still lacking funding after revenue losses related to Covid-19.”
The Washington Post: Coronavirus fears shouldn’t stop you from using CPR if someone needs help 

Featuring: Michael Sayre, Emergency Medicine

“Please — experts urge — don’t hesitate because of coronavirus fears. ‘You’re talking about people who need help, and who need people willing to jump in and help them,’ says Michael Sayre, professor of emergency medicine at the University of Washington and medical director of the Seattle fire department.”
KIRO 7: UW Medicine announces promising coronavirus vaccine prospect 

Featuring: Deborah Fuller and Jesse Erasmus, Microbiology

“The new UW Vaccine candidate was created using replicating RNA. Like other vaccines, it triggers the body’s immune system to create defenses to COVID-19. But it’s the fact that the RNA vaccine reproduces itself inside the body that makes it special.”
WSHA: Antibody tests show low COVID prevalence in UW Medicine staff 

Featuring: John Lynch, Allergy & Infectious Diseases

“Antibody testing of UW Medicine frontline health care workers revealed a low COVID-19 prevalence. The UW Medicine Virology Lab announced that the testing revealed a 3 percent prevalence a previous COVID-19 infection. Antibody testing is being offered to all UW Medicine employees.”


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