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Data Snapshot

UW Medicine Hospitals

King County: The county reported 183 new positive cases and 2 new deaths since Nov. 29.

Washington: The state reported 681,282 cases and 9,303 deaths as of Nov. 29.

United States: The CDC reports 48,377,531 cases and 778,489 deaths as of Nov. 29.

Global: WHO reports 262,178,403 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5,215,745 deaths as of Dec. 1.

Numbers update frequently, please follow links for most up-to-date numbers.

UW Medicine COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Update

Total vaccines administered: 448,969

As of Nov. 30

UW Medicine in the News  

Seattle Times: Washington virologists search for Omicron, confident to spot it
Featuring Alex Greninger, Laboratory Medicine

“Washington is one of the best-covered states” when it comes to sequencing, Greninger said. “We have sort of the best eyes out there when it comes to looking for these variants and reporting on them. As soon as omicron is here, we’ll be one of the first to pick it up.”

King 5: UW researchers will determine if the new COVID-19 variant will create a ‘real problem’
Featuring Marion Pepper, Immunology

“There are a lot of really good scientists in Seattle who spent a lot of time over the Thanksgiving break thinking about how best we’re going to get what we need to find if we’re going to have a real problem here or not,” Pepper said over the concerning number of mutations on the omicron’s spike protein. “So what we want to know — what are the changes in this new variant that are going to be very dramatic, such that immune system can no longer recognize those shapes,” explained Pepper.

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