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UW Medicine was awarded a certificate of appreciation from Public Health — Seattle & King County, signed by Patty Hayes, RN, MN, director, and Jeff Duchin, MD, health officer, in recognition of our partnership in connecting people in the community to vaccination.

King County has passed the milestone of one million vaccinations administered to the people who live here. UW Medicine and other community partners’ efforts were vital in ensuring this success.

“UW Medicine is proud to partner with Public Health — Seattle & King County and to be recognized for our work in vaccinating the community,” says Cynthia Dold, associate vice president for Clinical Operations. “We are grateful to the UW Medicine employees, volunteers and community partners who make vaccination on this scale possible.”

certificate for UW Medicine from Public Health – Seattle & King County

Distribution efforts

On December 15, 2020, UW Medicine distributed the first COVID-19 vaccines in Seattle to front-line workers and first responders. As of April 25, 2021, UW Medicine has distributed over 244,043 doses to the community and plans to increase the daily distribution number with the opening of a new vaccination clinic in Shoreline.

These numbers are possible because of our dedicated employees and volunteers.

Show your vaccine support

Photo caption: Annika Luchich (right) receiving the COVID-19 vaccine administered by Fetiya Omer (left).