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At its commencement ceremony on May 26, Brown University awarded the Horace Mann Medal to Dr. Sharona Gordon, UW School of Medicine professor of physiology and biophysics. The award is presented annually to a distinguished graduate alumna or alumnus of the Brown University Graduate School who has made significant contributions to their field.

Gordon was recognized for her work in the field of ion channel physiology, leadership as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of General Physiology, service on numerous NIH and professional society committees, and efforts to promote equity for women in science, most recently through founding of Below the Waterline.

“Dr. Gordon is a truly unique and brilliant scientist who has established a reputation as one of the top ion channel biophysicists in the world. Her approach to science is always very creative and yet quantitative and rigorous. She also has a talent for identifying important questions that are both feasible and fundable,” said Anita Zimmerman, professor and vice chair of molecular pharmacology, physiology and biotechnology at Brown.

For more information on Gordon’s career and accomplishments, read the Brown University announcement.