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Katie Brooks

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UW Medicine Advancement: Funding Our Future

Funding our mission is their first priority.

Employee Reflections: What We Are Grateful For

Employees are building resilience through gratitude.

UW Medicine Diabetes Institute Celebrates 30 Years

Find out why the clinic has continued to be a leader in diabetes management.

Incident Command System 101

UW Medicine developed its first systemwide command center to address the COVID-19 pandemic. [photo taken before mask mandates]

Cindy Hecker Celebrates 40 Years at UW Medicine

Learn her top piece of career advice.

6 Tips for Better Heart Health

And a happy heart month from the Heart Institute.

85,000 Doses of Hope

UW Medicine has administered over 85,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. (This text contains images of needles used to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.)

New Post-COVID Clinic Treats “Long-Haulers”

Find out the most common post-COVID symptoms the clinic treats.

3 Ways to Build Resilience

How shifting your mindset can make all the difference.