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The unexpected happens every day.

Be it an accident while hiking or a medical complication while in a small town, patients who experience a medical emergency outside a metropolitan area face an increased risk to their survival. And for many of these patients, the emergency air medical bill can be pricey, even with medical insurance.

Enter Airlift Northwest.

With an Airlift Northwest membership, you can be confident that wherever you or your loved ones are, you will have access to timely critical care — without a surprising, expensive bill for your transport.

What does the membership include?

As an Airlift Northwest member, you are covered by Airlift’s eight bases, strategically located throughout Washington and Southeast Alaska. Airlift Northwest can quickly dispatch an aircraft and a highly educated and experienced critical care team, bringing the ICU to your side, no matter where you are.

Our team of flight nurses has expertise in treating pediatric and neonates, so patients of all ages will receive expert care. The team will keep you stable while they fly you to the closest hospital that is equipped to meet your medical needs and can even do blood transfusions in the air.

Membership is $60 annually for the general public, and only $48 for UW and UW Medicine employees, and also discounted for hospital staff, EMS or first responders. Members will not incur out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary emergent flights if flown by Airlift Northwest.

Membership covers you, your spouse or domestic partner, and dependents you claim on your income tax return.

If I live near a hospital, do I still need this membership?

Even if you live in a metropolitan area or near a hospital, enrolling in an Airlift Northwest membership can still be essential. If you or your family members are at increased risk for a medical emergency or do any of the following, you should consider a membership with Airlift Northwest.

  • Hiking
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Hunting or fishing
  • Camping
  • Road tripping
  • Biking
  • Snow sports
  • Extreme sports

Enroll in an Airlift Northwest membership

Enroll or renew your membership, or learn more, at

If you are eligible for the discounted membership, enter UW Employee in the coupon field after you choose either the one year or two year option. You will see your discount subtracted further down the screen.