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UW Medicine is ranked among the 30 most trusted health system brands in 2024, according to a report from Monigle evaluating over 200 healthcare brands. We are the only health system in the Pacific Northwest to make this year’s list.

Trust is a crucial component in healthcare. Monigle’s Humanizing Brand Experience report dives deeper into the healthcare brands that are getting it right. Monigle surveyed 26,450 household healthcare decision-makers across the U.S. who have received medical care in the past two years and have health insurance (70% private, 30% government — excluding Medicaid).

The market research shows that when it comes to making decisions about where to get healthcare, consumers view UW Medicine as a trusted place. UW Medicine employees are continually strengthening the public perception of our brand through excellence in clinical care, teaching, research, and dedication to our mission: to improve the health of the public.